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One of my special moments.
I have always loved watches, since a very early age. I remember always asking my dad what time it was and asking if i could wear his watch, and if i could have one. His answer was simple as always, if you can wear my watch without it falling off your wrist, then you can have a watch, needles to say, that never happened for a long time. then one day i asked the same usual question, can i have a watch? the answer was always the same, if my watch doesn't fall off your wrist then you can have one, so he took off his watch, and turned away as if distracted by something, then looked back at me and said, ok lets try. wow his watch fitted me, i was so happy and excited i almost cried when he took it off and said ok, i will get you one for your birthday. So on my 7th birthday i got my first watch, simple face, brown leather strap, wind-up. i learnt how many times i should wind it and not over do it or the spring could break, i was so happy, but, that happiness lasted about 3 weeks, i was on my way home from school when this kid threw a stone at me, i raised my arm to protect my face and the stone hit my watch, breaking the face and the strap, i chased that kid across the field, and when i caught him, i made sure he never threw another stone, unfortunately my watch had come off my wrist while i was chasing him and i couldn't find where it had fell, after what seemed like hours, i eventually got the courage to go and tell my dad what had happened, after i had explained everything, he looked at me and said, "you should never fight". and that was the end of that conversation. So that was my first experience of owning a watch. Many years later, i saw a very similar looking watch, everything the same except for the brown leather strap, so i got it as a present for my dad, he looked at it and said it looked familiar, though he couldn't understand why hahaha, i never told him. He never wore it, just left it in his box, after he died, my brother porky asked if he could have it, i said yes, no problem, though my brother doesn't realise or know how special that watch is to me, i know he will take care of it so i am happy ... ok so that is my moment, it would have been a blog thing but i have no idea how to do one hahaha ... Stay safe and well.